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Escort services offered in LondonWhich Escort Services Are Best For First Timers?


Not all services are for every client, especially when it comes to first-timers. If you’re planning on hiring an escort for the first time, you should carefully choose which services you want to experience during your first date with an escort. Some services require much more physical readiness and stamina.

People who tend to get nervous during new experiences and those who don’t have much sexual experience should ask for a girlfriend experience first because it’s the closest thing to being with a regular girl. If you know you’ll be nervous, you can also ask for a dinner date first so you can get to know the girl before doing anything kinkier.
People who are more sexually experienced can ask for some kinkier services like role-play but that still isn’t too demanding. Being with an escort isn’t like being with a regular girl, especially when it comes to sex. Sex with an escort is something that will most likely rock your world because the girls are far more experienced than any girl you’ve been with before and they know exactly what to do to satisfy you.

Why Start With A Girlfriend Experience Or A Dinner Date

First-timers usually have a problem with being too nervous and shy with an escort. If you decide to go with a service such as a girlfriend experience, you’ll have enough time to relax before you do anything. This is by far the best service to pick if you’re hiring an escort for the first time because you’ll familiarise yourself with the process of going on a date with an escort.

The girlfriend experience is meant to look and feel like you’re on a date with a regular girl. That being said, you’ll calm down much faster if you engage in a conversation with the escort first. Escorts are usually experienced with first-timers and you’ll quickly realize that there’s nothing to be shy about. It’s like going out with a regular girl.

Going out to dinner with an escort is a great way to get yourself together, especially because you’ll have an hour or more to talk to her before any action. During this time, you shouldn’t ask about her job but talk about general things you would talk about with any other girl.

Escorts are experienced enough to know when someone is nervous around them and almost every girl you choose will treat you in a way to make you feel comfortable around her. You can also go on a dinner date with an escort without being intimate. It’s a great way to experience something new and become more comfortable around escorts. You should enjoy the dinner and the company of a gorgeous girl who will dedicate all her time and attention to you during your date.

If you felt comfortable during your date with an escort, you can arrange another date and ask for additional services which can include more intimacy.

Getting Ready For Your First Date With An Escort

When you’ve decided you’ll hire an escort, write down all the questions you might have as well as the plan for your date with a sexy London escort. You need to be very detailed when booking an appointment with an escort because the agency will ask for your location at any moment during the date. This means you need to know exactly where you’re going to go and how long you’re going to stay there. Giving the escort all the information she needs will make your experience better because she’ll know how to prepare, what to wear, and what to bring.

A few hours before the date, people usually get uncomfortable and nervous. It’s actually the best time to relax and build the confidence you need. You could take a longer shower because it usually helps people relax. Keeping your hygiene at the highest level is extremely important because it’s something every escort will notice first. You should take special care about body odor because escorts don’t look at physical attributes as much as other girls, especially because they see all sorts of clients. But they do pay attention to your hygiene. When it comes to your wardrobe, you won’t make a mistake if you go with a casual/elegant look. You can wear white leather sneakers, jeans, and a button-down shirt and you’ll look absolutely amazing! Depending on the occasion, you might need to dress up a bit, especially if you’re going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or you need a companion for a business dinner or party.

If you plan on being intimate with the escort, never forget to bring condoms with you. Safety should be your number one priority and condoms are the most important thing. Even though the escort will have condoms with her, you should bring your own, especially if you prefer a certain manufacturer or model.

Additional Tips For First Timers

There are some things you should know before making a decision to hire an escort. These tips will help you have a much better experience and enjoy every moment spent with the escort of your choice.

You shouldn’t be too confident. Being too confident can backfire and you might disappoint yourself if you don’t perform as well as you thought you would. This can be a confidence-killer in the long run. When calling to book an appointment with an escort, think about the place where you’ll meet. Try to pick a place where you feel comfortable because you’ll feel less nervous in a familiar surrounding. If you’re still nervous, don’t force anything. Take all the time you need because being nervous can seriously affect your performance in the bedroom.

If you find an escort who isn’t too experienced, call her because it will be easier for both of you to overcome the anxiety you’ll probably have. When you’re both inexperienced, you’ll have something in common and it will be easier for both of you. If, on the other hand, you want to hire an experienced, more mature escort, keep an eye on girls who mention they’re good with amateurs. These types of escorts are amazing with first-timers and they know exactly what to do to boost your confidence and help you relax. There are a lot of Asian escorts in London who are amazing with beginners and they really know how to satisfy a man.

When hiring an escort, respecting her time is crucial. Under no circumstances should you be late or overstay your welcome. These girls do this for a living and they need to have a precise timetable so they can get ready for their next client. If you think that one hour wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your wishes and fantasies, book a two-hour date. It will be better if you have some spare time to take a shower and dress without hurrying.

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